dog walking

Exercise is an essential part of keeping your dog healthy, and also keeps them mentally and physically stimulated. Dogs need exercise everyday although the amount of exercise necessary varies from dog to dog and is often dependent on the breed type, age and health. Providing enough exercise will improve your dog's health and wellbeing but also helps to build muscle tone and prevents depression, obesity, joint problems, household destruction and other behavioural problems common in under exercised dogs.

“Petz Need Company believe walking too many dogs at one time does not give them the individual attention and exercise they truly deserve, so we feel it is more beneficial to walk your dog on a one to one basis. This policy does not mean we will not walk two or three dogs from the same house hold as they will be more familiar with each other ”.

Our Service includes:

  • Pick up and drop off
  • Spending quality fun time exercising and playing with them to ensure they are happy and content when you return home.

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