Protect Your Pets From The Cold Weather

The cold weather is already here and to make sure that your cats and dogs have a safe winter, there are several things you need to do and consider keeping them healthy throughout the winter season.

No matter how much your pet loves to stay outside and no matter how much it seems they are enjoying the weather, domestic animals are just not made to live outside and adapt to the weather. Frigid temperatures will always have a toll on your pet if exposed for prolonged periods. Many people who own pets still have a hard time picking up on any signs that their pet is cold, so it is important that you make sure that your pet keeps warm and well-cared for when the temperature drops.

As pet owners, we need to keep our pets warm, and for that to happen, we need to care for their fur and no matter how lovely our pets’ fur is, it is never a perfect insulator. When it’s cold, the fur will lose its ability to insulate and especially when the coat gets wet.

Here are a few tips for pet owners to follow and keep their pets warm and well-cared for during winter season. To start off, you need to buy your dog a new coat. Do not bother with your cat because they won’t put up with that nonsense. When taking your pets outside, you need to make sure that the hair between their toes is trimmed, so snow or ice balls don’t form. You can advise this to a pet sitter also if you are not home.

Always keep your pets indoors in the cold weather, and for whatever reason, you can’t keep your dog inside, make sure you have adequate shelter or dog house for your dog. When you are away, make sure the pet sitter keeps your pet inside always.

You also need to vary of salt-spread sidewalks when you take your pet outside because it can injure their foot pads by burning them. You can protect your dog’s feet by getting them dog boots, but make sure the boots are not too tight.

In summers, your pets’ liquid intake increases because of the hot weather; likewise, in winters, supplement your pet’s diet with essential fatty acids. You can use safflower oil and canola oil in their diet which helps thicken their coat in the winter season and keep them warm. To further keep the fur healthy, you can add protein to their diet.

Remember, if you are feeling the effects of the winter weather then chances are so is your pet. Take the necessary precautionary measures to keep your pet safe in this cold weather. If you hire a pet sitter, then make sure that all the precautionary measures should also follow by them.