Keep In Close Communication with Your Pet Sitter

Life is a celebration of the unexpected, even when things are going smooth, life inevitably finds a way to throw us a curve ball. These unexpected circumstances show us that we should expect the unexpected, but no matter how mentally strong we are, times of crisis can be tricky, and it can get to you even if you think you are prepared and organized.

If you happen to have pets, it gets doubly difficult for you if something unexpected happens because you have a responsibility to keep your pets safe and cared for even if you have to leave them home alone. If you have never had a crisis where you have to scurry for your pets then you probably don’t have a pet care plan for a crisis. It is okay because most of us don’t have that, but if a family member falls sick and you need to travel to the hospital and leave your pet(s) alone for God knows how long then you need to have a backup plan for your pets when a crisis occurs.

One of the best things you can do in a time of crisis is to keep in close communication with your pet sitter. It is important that you register yourself with a pet sitting company straightaway because there is a high chance that a pet company will not the new client based on their request due to a crisis. If you do not have one, then you need to get one and get done with paperwork and most importantly establish a relationship with your pet sitter so that they may be of assistance at a time of crisis.

Sometimes you just don’t wait for the crisis to happen before you alert your pet sitter. If you have a family member sick, then you should let your pet sitter know ahead of time that there might be an emergency in the coming days where you could need their help with the pet(s). If you are planning a vacation, just don’t let your pet sitter know one day before you leave, it is important that your pet sitter knows your plans ahead of time which is a respectful way of letting them know that you may be leaving for vacation or faced with an emergency shortly.

Always be prepred and hire a responsible pet sitter, so they lighten the additional strain on you in an emergency and help take care of your pets for your while you tackle with other things.