How To Protect Your Pet From Soaring Temperatures This Summer

Temperatures are soaring this summer, and as a pet owner, you should be aware of the heat stress in your pets. Pugs and bulldogs are particularly prone to heat stress because of their long coats. During heat waves, these breeds are likely to get more affected, and it is highly important that you and your pet sitter should know how to keep your pet cool this summer.

Heatstroke can be life threatening for pets because unlike us dogs and cats are unable to sweat to lose heat. There is a different mechanism that they use to lose heat from their bodies and that is panting and external ways to keep their body cool.

If you are planning to stay home this summer with your pet(s) or going on a vacation and hiring a pet sitter for your pet(s), it is important that both of you know how to act to minimise the risk of heat stress.

The most important precaution you should take regarding this is that do not let your pet go out in the heat of the day or if you do, give them access to shade. Whether inside or outside the house, ensure that your pet gets ample amount of fresh drinking water.

Avoid excessive exercise and do not take your dog out to exercise on very hot days. If you are leaving your dog or cat this summer in the care of a pet sitter, then make sure they follow these instructions to avoid any risk of heat stress while you are away.

The most important precaution of them all is not to be negligent to leave your pet in the car and leave to run your errands. This could be fatal for your dog even with windows open.

If your dog or cat shows signs of excessive panting and breathing distress, then it could be a sign of heat stress or heatstroke. If you act quickly, you might be able to prevent internal organ damage. Other signs include restlessness, agitation, seizures, vomiting or diarrhoea.

If you suspect that your pet has heat stress, immediately removes them from a hot environment and places them in front of the fan. You can also spray cool water on to them to reduce the heat and without any delay take your pet to the nearest veterinarian.

It is important that your pet sitter also knows how to implement measures to keep your pet cool in these soaring temperatures.